Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Penchant


“Mrs. Human, let me in, open the window.”

“Tabby you can walk to the other side of the appartment, I am really busy with something else at the moment.”

“I am also busy Mrs. Human, there is no time to spare, I am on my way.”

“Tabby, you are annoying me. I was sitting comfortably at my computer and now I had to open the window. Just a moment, where are you going?”

“Outside of course.”

“But you just begged to come in. I opened the window, you leapt into the room and now you are going out again.”

“Mrs. Human, I am not a canine (sorry Dusty), “beg” does not exist in meow. It was a command, which you obeyed due to my training programme for human beginners. You have now got top marks for window operations. Now I am outside again, so you can again open the window.”

“Tabby, I am not your servant.”

“I know Mrs. Human, you have not yet reached that level. You remain in the slave status. You should be happy, that is promotion.”

“You mean there is something less than a slave.”

“Of course, that was the serf level. Remember I used to give you a scratch and a hiss when giving orders. That is no longer necessary, you are making progress. Just a little more attention when I am leaving my realm and entering my outside territory would be appreciated.”

“And then I will progress from slave to servant?”

“Not yet, we do not want to rush things. Is my tuna fish ready?”

“Yes of course Tabby, according to your wishes.”

“Good. You may now close the window. I have decided to take a walk to the other side of my home through my outside territory. Just be ready in case you will have to open the window.”

“But you have a cat flap on the other side and can come and go as you please.”

“Mrs. Human, it is all a matter of training and the walk to the other side keeps you fit. See how I look after your health.”

“Of course Tabby, I am on my way.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Penchant