Daily Feline Prompt: Thorny Feline

Tabby A 13,09 (1)

“Tabby, that’s a thorny look you are giving me.”

“It is one of my serious moments. I am sure it will ensure me the star part in the new feline film “At the Claws of the Thorns”.”

“You will be starring in a film?”

“Yes, my audition is this evening. You may file my claws and perhaps add some colour to them. “Blood Red” would be a good choice.”

“Tabby I am not painting your claws and you can sharpen them on a tree.”

“On a tree! How common. A stainless steel claw file would be more according to my status in life. How can I get a leading part as the heroine in a feline horror story, when you will not paint my claws.”

“I am sure there will be make-up artists in the feline studios.”

“Of couse, but they are only good for a lick and scratch. They do not have opposable thumbs for applying the make-up effects. We are meeting at midnight in the forest. I am to audition for the feline in distress, that has been captured by Roschti, who is playing the villain. I will fight him and at the moment when he is ready to stab me with his thorny claw, Garfield will arrive and rescue me from his clutches.”

“Garfield is also in the film?”

“Not exactly, but they found a lookalike in the sewers.”

“You are co-starring with a sewer cat: a bit below your value isn’t it?”

“Mrs. Human there are sacrifices you have to bring to become famous. The film is “At the Claws of the thorns” starring Tabby Precious (my film name) and Stinky Mudlark.”

“Sounds interesting Tabby. I am sure it will be a success.”

“Only if you paint my claws blood red.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Thorny Feline