The Daily Feline Prompt: The Flavoured Feline


“Today I would like something completely different for my dinner Mrs. Human.”

“That is ideal Tabby. I was at the pet store today and bought something new for your dinner.”

“But I am not a pet Mrs. Human, you are my pet, actually slave.”

“Yes Tabby, but the human word for animals that we humans care for is “pet”.”

“Pet sounds so degrading, as if we are to be pampered and spoilt and it is we felines that spoil and pamper our chosen human.”

“Oh, I must have misunderstood something that got lost in translation from meow to human.”

“You did, but to continue. What is this new astonishing food that you have discovered in the feline food emporium?”

“Look, here they are.”

“Vitamin pellets? That is pure junk food. You have been filling my bowl with them since I took over.”

“But these are different Tabby. They have a completely new and revolutionary flavour.”

“Tell me, they look the same as the usual pellets, and you know we felines always eat with our eyes as well as everything else.”

“I always buy you tuna flavoured, but these are beef flavoured, a special offer.”

“Mrs. Human I have been living on special offers since I took over, and no matter what the name of the flavour is, they all taste the same. I have been eating fish, and now I eat cow. Why not do the real thing once so that I can see what these animals taste like in their natural state.”

“But I would have to cook the meat and it would not be as hygenic as your usual food.”

“I am not fussy Mrs. Human and would prefer it uncooked. Hygene does not exist in meow. In the meanwhile, just open a tin of tuna fish applying your opposable thumbs, I am not fussy and keep you new spectacular vitamin pellet flavours for Roschti, the feline next door, he will eat anything. His tastes are not as refined as mine.”

The Daily Feline Prompt: The Flavoured Feline

8 thoughts on “The Daily Feline Prompt: The Flavoured Feline

  1. Dear Tabby, My human used to experiment with our vitamin pellets, but my “little” sister taught her a lesson using the stragedy of tough love meaning, well, I won’t describe it. Now we are safe with chicken and rice every single day. It seems to be working out well for us long term as the vet said we are all very healthy dogs at the perfect weight with good teeth. That is the human goal for us, it seems. 🙂 My “little” sister gets food from a can every day, but mostly vitamin pellets. It’s because she’s a giant breed dog and something about the way they’re built. I hope you get some tuna and maybe some salmon soon. I love salmon. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      Salmon? The humans ate it for lunch and so I put on my starving ignored feline face and I was giving a claw full from Mrs. Human’s plate and that was all. I walked off in disgust. That my importance is still not honoured is an insult to all my nine lives, at least the five that I still have. I have maufactured so many hairballs with vitamin pellet ingredients, but to no avail. I still get my bowl filled with this “good for your teeth” food. I must devise a plant. I have noted vet visit in January next year in my whiskers, and must do something about it. Perhaps stop eating a week before I go, to show signs of malnutrition, but Mrs. Human says I am overweight in any case. I got tuna yesterday so according to the human law, I have now had my ration for the week. How we felines have been treated over the years. To think we were once worshipped as gods and now we can be glad if a human bows when we enter the room.
      Tabby T. Cat

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  2. Dear Tabby, luxury! I must put up with special diet pellets and meaty chunks from the vet. Spacial flavour my slaves say, but nothing beats the taste of ill-gotten gains from my backyard jungle of lizard, mice and bird. I even left the remains of bird on the back doorstep to remind my slaves that they are starving me. Do you think they listen? No! I still get told I’m fat and need to lose more weight.
    Storm, the Black Cat from Australia, Down Under

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    • It is transference of guilt. Take a look at your human. She might be the one with weight problems and so she is convinced you have them as well. She is not realizing that bird and mouse hunting is the best day to keep fit. I am not sure about lizards, that is something missing from my food bowl. Just eat what she serves you to keep her and the vet happy, but perhaps remind her your normal feline eating habits are maintaining the balance of nature.

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