Daily Feline Prompt: Recreating Feline


Here I am taking a re-creational sleep. You will all agree that the life of a feline is a life full of problems and stress: tiresome for the body and above all for the mind. I am continuously in action from when I wake until I again can relax when my work is done. It is not an easy life, but I do my best to maintain a positive outlook. I sink, no collapse, onto my sleeping place and there we have the first problem. Where is my sleeping place? Shall I select  a cushion indoors? Which cushion? There are two on top of the closet and of course there is a king sized cushion know as human bed.

I try the first cushion, but it is uncomfortable, There is still some fur from my last sleep remaining. I drag my weary body to the next cushion and decide that the view is not according to my wishes. I like to overlook my complete queendom and a human is walking around. Humans can be very ruthless when I wish to relax, making noises and moving objects. I do not like objects to be moved, it disturbs my equilibrium. The third possibility the human bed, is now occupied by a human and so I have no choice but to curl up next to this body and allow my tummy to be tickled. You must make the most of the opportunity when it arrives.

It is now the 23rd hour of my sleep process and so a new sleeping place must be recreated to suit the remainder of the day. Perhaps my outside territory has something to offer. A nice quiet spot on a grassy surface to curl up and forget the problems of my life. Not even this is allowed. A human appears with a camera and takes a photo whilst I am sleeping, trying to sleep. Can a feline never relax in a human world? Just a moment, I hear a noise. It is the sound of opposable thumbs manipulating a tin opener and the secent of tuna fish is filling the air.

OK, I will postpone the 24th hour of sleep, I must again recreate my schedule. Oh the problems of a feline life, I am exhausted with the continuous reorganisation.

Daily Feline Prompt: Recreating Feline

6 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Recreating Feline

    • Sleeping positions are a delicate problem with our felines and canines. The direction has to be the right one, probably the earth’s magnetic field has to be giving good vibes and of course there has to be a choice of at least three places, in case they might make a mistake with their first choice. Yes, it is a very delicate matter and better that we do not get involved as mere humans.


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