Daily Feline Prompt: Tentative Feline


“No,  Mrs. Human, today I will stay here and sleep.”

“It would do you good to take a breath of fresh air.”

“I took a breath this morning and decided that fresh was not the flavour of the day.”

“But you cannot sleep your life away Tabby.”

“Watch me.”

“You must eat now and again.”

“I know, they are the in between moments when I drag myself to my food bowl. And I am definitely not going outside, the sky could fall on my head. I must be tentative with my five remaining lives.”

“Tabby I have never heard of the sky falling on the head of a cat.”

“Of course not, because that was when he lost the lives that were still remaining and did not survive to tell everyone about it. And now leave me to rest.”

“But you have been sleeping for a least ten hours.”

“Good then I still have another 13 hours to go.”

“But the day only has 24 hours.”

“I know, I can count as well. 10+13 = 23, meaning I still have an hour to search for another sleeping place and even take a bite to eat before the next day arrives.”

“But life is not only eating and sleeping.”

“My life is, although there are times when I decide to take a holiday.”

“You take a holiday?”

“Yes, I visit my territory and pay a social visit to my friends.”

“You mean the other felines in the neigbourhood.”

“They are not friends, I just have to put up with them. I have the wall, and the stones. Now and again even the trees decide to have a conversation and permit me to sharpen my claws on them.”

“Sounds very exciting.”

“We felines do not do excitement, we prefer the intellectual experiences of life. And now I must sleep. Set your human watch for 12 hours with the alarm. You will need the extra hour to prepare my food. I prefer it to be room temperature, if it is too cold it could be a shock to my vegetative system.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Tentative Feline

8 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Tentative Feline

  1. Dear Tabby, We canines also sleep several hours a day. I believe my “little” sister would like to reduce the percentage of time sleeping and expand the time hunting, but we are, overall, pretty content with the ratio. I believe you have a lot in common with Mindy T. Dog who is also a great philosopher, but of the canine persuasion. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      I must try some brain storming with Mindy T. Perhaps we are both on the same wave length in the telepathic system. Strange sister you have, we feline sisters compete more with “who sleeps the longest” than saving sleep time. Of course hunting is a great pastime, especially if it has tasty rewards afterwards.
      Tabby T. Cat

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        • Meow Martha
          Tell Bear they are very tasty and make a wonderful side dish to the tuna fish. The mice rarely survive to get into the house, but I always make a point of showing them to Mrs. Human – she says she is not amused and throws them in the garbage afterwards – no appreciation.
          Tabby T. Cat

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