Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Crumbs


“Tabby, are you having a wash on my bed cover.”

“You have to take the chance when the feeling grabs you Mrs. Human. I noticed that it was necessary to perform a crumb removal from my fur, so why go somewhere else when I am so comfortable. Your bed is nice and big, and there is plenty of room to turn and stretch and get to those furry corners with the tongue that are otherwise difficult to clean.”

“But not on my bed. All the unwanted material from your fur is on my bed cover.”

“Is that a problem Mrs. Human. I have to carry it around with me and am glad to remove it at last.”

“But not on my bed cover.”

“Have you a better suggestion?”

“You could go outside to your territory.”

“To my territory? No, never. I might sleep in my territory and all the unwanted material collects again in my fur. I would be continuously scratching in awkward places and that is tiring work. I am exhausted afterwards.”

“But I have to clean my bed cover from what you clean out of your fur.”

“That’s life Mrs. Human, we all have our problems and it is only a cover to protect your bed linen, nothing important.¬†As said, Mrs. Human, that is just part of the daily routine. Now just remove the bed cover and shake it out somewhere and then I can again resume my sleeping place. Stay cool, I have finished my wash, all impurities have now been removed from my fur. Oh just a minute.”

“What is the matter.”

“I forgot to lick in an important place.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Crumbs