Daily Feline Prompt: Pampered Feline


All in its place at my chosen time
Just tickle my ears, it is not a crime
My water must be cool, not shaken or stirred
Put it fresh in the bowl, my thanks will be purred
And now a tummy tickle, because it feels good
Only gentle not rough, as delicate as you could
I don’t have to be pampered, I am satisfied with less
But be careful with my fur and do not make a mess
Mrs. Human change my litter, it is time for some new
And do not make so much noise, just sift it gently through
I think I will go, so open the door
Although, just a minute, I must sleep some more
It is a hard life, decisions to be made
I will now sleep on the mat, I am really top grade
I am now feeling hungry, and will look to be fed
But on the other paw, I think I go to bed
Oh the stress of my life, with my whiskers do not tamper
All I need is food and bed and a little bit of pamper.

Daily Feline Prompt: Pampered Feline