Daily Feline Prompt: Pampered Feline


All in its place at my chosen time
Just tickle my ears, it is not a crime
My water must be cool, not shaken or stirred
Put it fresh in the bowl, my thanks will be purred
And now a tummy tickle, because it feels good
Only gentle not rough, as delicate as you could
I don’t have to be pampered, I am satisfied with less
But be careful with my fur and do not make a mess
Mrs. Human change my litter, it is time for some new
And do not make so much noise, just sift it gently through
I think I will go, so open the door
Although, just a minute, I must sleep some more
It is a hard life, decisions to be made
I will now sleep on the mat, I am really top grade
I am now feeling hungry, and will look to be fed
But on the other paw, I think I go to bed
Oh the stress of my life, with my whiskers do not tamper
All I need is food and bed and a little bit of pamper.

Daily Feline Prompt: Pampered Feline

7 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Pampered Feline

  1. Hi Tabby, Martha here. Lovely poem. You’ve captured the essence of feline pampering perfectly. I’m sorry to say Dusty T. Dog doesn’t understand it at all. As a canine — a big, black, male canine, Dusty’s idea of pampering is a long walk and a bowl of kibbles. I tried explaining it, but didn’t get anywhere. He just said, “Doesn’t Tabby want to go for a walk by the river?” I said, “No, I don’t think so.” I’m sure he’ll be back tomorrow. Yr. Pal, Martha

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    • Meow Martha
      That is the difference between canine and feline. Canines are more for the here and now and we felines like to analyse the problems of life. We prefer to think about it by applying a long and restful sleep and then the problem may be solved, but there is always an unanswered question. Even then we have our solution. We stand and turn in a circle, three times and sink again and sleep further. Pampering is a feline way of life, that is why we employ humans for their opposable thumbs, to enable them to pamper us constantly. Now and again I take a walk, but more to discover the meaning of life and if I find anything edible on the way.
      Tabby T. Cat

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