Daily Feline Prompt: Bad Feline Coincidences


“Mrs. Human, switch off the sun, it is distrubing my sleep pattern.”

“Tabby, it is not possible to influence the weather, it just happens.”

“Then make it unhappen. Whenever I want to relax outside the sun shines. That is more than a coincidence, the sun is forming an attack.”

“You can always go inside where there is no sun.”

“That will not work. I will miss all the action.”

“There is no action Tabby at the moment.”

“Of course there is. The leaf soldiers are gathering for a new assault and I have to keep my eye on them. I have pinned on of them with my nose to stop it moving on and making a new attack.”

“Tabby that leaf is dead.”

“How do you know? It might only be acting dead and secretly planning to kill us all.”

“Tabby, it is Autumn and leaves die and fall from the trees in Autumn.”

“Another threat to the feline race. First of all we cannot switch off the sun, and now we are being attacked by the leaves. The world is becoming a dangerous place, there is even water that falls from the sky trying to drown us, not to mention the wind that assists the leaves to move.”

“Tabby that is nature.”

“Nature does not exist in meow because it is not feline friendly. And now you have switched the sun off, I am glad,”

“Tabby I did not switch the sun off, it has been covered by a cloud.”

“Cloud? Those white things that float in the sky. I am sure they are dangerous. If one fell from the sky that could injure me.”

“Tabby clouds do not fall from the sky, they float around.”

“And things that float eventually sink. You see Mrs. Human, my 5 remaining lives are in danger. Look another leaf has fallen, they are coming to get us Mrs. Human, mark my meows.”

“Yes Tabby of course, just be careful that the sky doesn’t fall on your head.”

“They are the exact words my friend the chicken said.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Bad Feline Coincidences

6 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Bad Feline Coincidences

  1. Dear Tabby, My human says she is worried about all of your fears. She said it’s not healthy for a top predator, a small tiger, such as yourself to believe that leaves and clouds are enemies. But, I know for a FACT that clouds make thunder and you and I both know that is our enemy. Humans are foolish for not taking the threat seriously. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      Typical human, she has got it all wrong, just like my human. They can be so gullible and believe anything, blaming it all onto this nature thing. Of course clouds are to be feared, they are disguising themselves floating around turning the sun off now and again, but we know better, They are lurking in the background and waiting to attack. It is the same with the leaves. Have you ever heard a leaf crashing to the ground. Of course not, they arrive anonymously, with no sound and suddenly they are there, everywhere and the trees are bare. There is deceit apaw, never trust a leaf or a cloud. One day the humans will realise this threat and then it will be too late.
      Tabby T. Cat

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