Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Launch

Tabby renovation 12.09.2017

This was a careful launch as I was not certain if my landing would be safe. Since the builder humans have moved in on my territory my five remaining lives are not longer the same. Every step  I take is threat to one of them. There used to be tiles outside, nice and firm and you could walk on them with no problem. They have taken my tiles away, although Mrs. Human says they are still there, just covered up – humans have excuses for everything. If you cannot see them, they are no longer there – quite obvious.

So they took my exit step away and have now replaced it, but it is not the same. My old step was a good companion, this new step has put itself in the wrong place and I have a gap between it and the new bridge to my queendom. No-one asked me. I found that very annoying. This new step does not like me, I noticed at once.

You can see my own private entrance on the right, the so-called cat flap. This now hovers in space. I am getting vertigo attacks every time I use it to conquer the space leading to the ground. I have to launch myself through the flap with exact calculations. Even my feline gift of quantum mathematical solutions does not help. I have to apply aeronautics.

And so, being a south paw, I put my left paw first, support myself with the other three paws, stretch and hold my breath and all being well I arrive on the other side. I am continuously cleaning my claws and paws as these builder humans are very careless where they put their rubbish. Mrs. Human says they will soon be gone, perhaps they will all lose their last life soon.

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Launch