Daily Feline Prompt: Witty Feline


“Mrs. Human what is that funny noise you are making?”

“That is not a funny noise, we humans call it laughing when we see something funny.”

“What was funny?”

“I just read a joke where a feline approaches a brick and says “Take me to your leader”.”

“Oh, is that funny?”

“Of course, the feline thought that the brick was alive.”

“Of course it is and walls are to be taken seriously. Every individual brick has a purpose in its life.¬† The Feline was asking a very important question. The brick was part of a groups of bricks, and the feline wanted to know where the chief brick was, as it was probably all part of a wall, and walls are very important.”

“No, Tabby, walls are not alive, they are dead material. Buiders attached bricks together to form a wall.”

“But walls are important parts of daily life. I could stare at them for hours and always find something interesting to ponder.”

“Tabby you can stare at a wall as much as you like, but they will not suddenly come alive, they are dead material.”

“But if they were so dead, why does one brick sit alone waiting for an interesting question.”

“They do not sit alone, they might be part of a wall, or waiting to become a part of a wall.”

“That is exactly what I mean. They are waiting and looking forward to becoming a wall. You should not ignore bricks Mrs. Human, but help them on their way to becoming a wall.”

“No Tabby, they could come in useful, just¬† being a brick.”

“You mean we can have interesting conversations with them and discover more about how it is to be a brick.”

“No Tabby, I was thinking more of using them in the garden to support my large flower containers.”

“That would be brick discrimination Mrs. Human. To reduce a brick to a support, and it is destined for much more important work.”

“Such as?”

“Being part of a wall of course. And now you must excuse me, I have more intelligent things to do than talk about brick walls.”

“Yes Tabby of course. What are you doing?”

“I am having a lively telepathic discussion with the wall at the bottom of the garden and gathering advice on the meaning of brick life.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Witty Feline