Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Circle


Circles are not just circles, they are a key to a good solid feline sleep, but it must be organised.

Humans just climb into that large sleeping cushion, close their eyes and made strange noises. We felines approach the sleeping phase with more care.

First of all you find a nice soft place, preferably radiating warmth. Even a stone floor can be suitable. Either it has some sort of warmth from below, known as floor heating, or outside on a sunny day where the warmth comes from above. We felines are not fussy about where the warmth originates, it just has to be there. Now comes the delicate part of the sleeping system. We do not just plop into our cushion, in the human style, we consider the earth’s magnetical field which we measure by whisker vibrations. This decides which compass direction we face.

We have our methods to choose the suitable laying tangents. You must stand upright on all four paws to receive the correct sleeping signals and then begin to revolve in a circle, usually clockwise in the northern hemisphere. I believe our larger relations, known as lions and tigers, are more into anti-clockwise living in the southern hemisphere, although I must check  on my pawpad.

So having made our preliminary circles we sink, arranging our paws in the process. Now the sleep process can begin. We close our eyes but our whiskers and ears are still responding. There might be a signal of a tin opener somewhere and you would be missing life’s best opportunties. When this is coupled with the scent of tuna fish in the air, then it is advisable to rise immediately and investigate the cause of the disturbance. In the book of Bastet it says that food comes before a wash and a sleep: chapter 302, verse 87. And then you return to your sleeping place for a further 15 hours or more of sleep, not forgetting the pre circled preparations.

Are you listening kittens, these are important guidelines for a happy feline life: first the food, then the wash and afterwards the sleep.

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Circle