Daily Feline Prompt: Popular Feline

Tabby in the garden

“Mrs. Human, are there are visitors for me?”

“No, Tabby, I thought you do not like visitors.”

“No, not really, just asking. ¬†Perhaps a telephone call for me?”

“No Tabby, I don’t think so, your pawfriends would have to have opposable thumbs.”

“Of course, then I will have a look on my pawpad, perhaps I have a Pawbook message with a video or photo.”

“Are you expecting news Tabby from somewhere.”

“I always expect news, being such a popular feline, but no-one calls me. They have all forgotten that I exist, I am doomed to loneliness.”

“I though felines preferred to be lonely.”

“Of course, but I like to have a choice. It makes you feel better when other felines look for friendship and contact, and overrun your various connections with requests. I can then refuse them and show them that I am the boss. But if no-one calls, then there is no fulfilment of my purpose in my lives.”

“What would your purpose be?”

“To show that despite my enomous popularity I remain the same unspoilt modest feline that I am.”

“Oh I see, that it too complicated to fathom for a simple human like me. I still like you Tabby.”

“Mrs. Human that is the problem. You should adore me, I should be the essence of your human life, the reason of being. I must feel needed and wanted, like is the minimum feeling, although it will do. Serve me some tuna fish and I might allow you to perform a tummy tickle.”

“Oh, thank you Tabby, what an honour. Do you prefer the tuna fish juice stirred or just left to settle.”

“Mixed with the fish of course, what a silly question.”

 Daily Feline Prompt: Popular Feline