Daily Feline Prompt: Popular Feline

Tabby in the garden

“Mrs. Human, are there are visitors for me?”

“No, Tabby, I thought you do not like visitors.”

“No, not really, just asking.  Perhaps a telephone call for me?”

“No Tabby, I don’t think so, your pawfriends would have to have opposable thumbs.”

“Of course, then I will have a look on my pawpad, perhaps I have a Pawbook message with a video or photo.”

“Are you expecting news Tabby from somewhere.”

“I always expect news, being such a popular feline, but no-one calls me. They have all forgotten that I exist, I am doomed to loneliness.”

“I though felines preferred to be lonely.”

“Of course, but I like to have a choice. It makes you feel better when other felines look for friendship and contact, and overrun your various connections with requests. I can then refuse them and show them that I am the boss. But if no-one calls, then there is no fulfilment of my purpose in my lives.”

“What would your purpose be?”

“To show that despite my enomous popularity I remain the same unspoilt modest feline that I am.”

“Oh I see, that it too complicated to fathom for a simple human like me. I still like you Tabby.”

“Mrs. Human that is the problem. You should adore me, I should be the essence of your human life, the reason of being. I must feel needed and wanted, like is the minimum feeling, although it will do. Serve me some tuna fish and I might allow you to perform a tummy tickle.”

“Oh, thank you Tabby, what an honour. Do you prefer the tuna fish juice stirred or just left to settle.”

“Mixed with the fish of course, what a silly question.”

 Daily Feline Prompt: Popular Feline

8 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Popular Feline

  1. Dear Tabby, I’m sorry I’ve been kind of absent lately. Please never imagine that I don’t think you’re the best cat there ever was, because I KNOW you’re the best cat there ever was. I’ve just been really sleepy since our human started taking us for more walks. And, you know, I realize I’m an old canine even if I don’t feel like one. I can’t keep up with my “little” sister Bear. Rumor has it (started by Mindy) that we may have tuna fish for dinner. I’m not sure it’s true. Mindy dreams a lot and maybe that happened in one of her dreams. She asked if you’ve received any of her telepathic messages. Please don’t worry about your popularity. It’s not the number of beings who love you, but the quality of the love. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      But I am lovable, my generosity, good looks, selflessness and kindness are known everywhere, not to mention my honesty and loyalty “No Mrs. Human I am not overdoing it, I am saying as it is”. Sorry about that Dustry, she thinks she knows it all better. Although I might be old in lives, I am still the active feline that I always was. Of course, my gifts of genius have increased with life’s experiences. I now just like to pass on my knowledge further to help the feline race with my intelligence and perception. Otherwise bring on the tuna fish, there is nothing better. I am not worried about my popularity, I just cannot help being so loved and popular, but I manage with it.
      Tabby T. Supercat

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  2. I feel that way about MY telephone, too. And just when I think no one will ever call, I get a day when the phone doesn’t stop ringing. And then, it goes back to nothing but surveys from politicians. I think new telephones aren’t even going to need opposable thumbs. That’s right, Tabby, you will be able to meow right into it and it will know where your meow should go! And all your other barking and meowing friends will be able to call you, too. You will hate it. Guaranteed.

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    • “Tabby put down my credit card – no, I will not buy you a feline tuna fish iPhone, just because Marilyn said it would recognise your meows and whiskers just by looking at it”.


  3. My Spike is picky about his Adoring Fans™. Visitors may look and admire, but they may never touch. His ideal situation is to sit in the windows and talk to the people who pass by. Still, if you ask him, he’d say he was the most popular cat around!

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    • That’s Tabby, don’t touch and you are safe. The only pleasure she allows me is when I have my lunchtime sleep and she lays next to me for some together time, otherwise no socializing. iit doesn’t fit in with her memories of being worshipped as a god in the old country.

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