Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Interests


The life of a feline is full of stress. We hardly have time for interests. From the moment I awake in the morning I am exhausted from my sleep and I have to sleep a further few hours to recover from my sleep stress. There is no rest for a feline, we are continuously busy. Of course I have interests, mainly in wild life. I could watch the birds for hours if I had the time, but even watching birds is hard work and I often fall asleep whilst cocentrating. Waiting for a mouse to appear can also be very exhausting. I wait for hours with a paw in the entrance to its tunnel, but eventually I fall asleep and then the mouse escapes.

Another interest I have is food. Not the hard vitamin pellets that you have to chew because the chewing actions tire my mouth muscles and I have to take an after dinner sleep. Eating tuna fish is more relaxing. The fish slides down with hardly any vigorous chewing motions, helped by the accompanying juices. I still take an after dinner sleep for the digestion.

I have a territory to guard from invaders which is also very tiring. I have my friends, such as walls and bricks that I must entertain with lively conversations. Staring at walls can be very exhausting, but nothing that a few hours sleep cannot cure. Yes, life is action packed for a feline and we are glad to be able to turn in three circles until we find the most comfortable position, for a sleep of course. We are hard workers and the most exhausting part of life is finding a new place to sleep. Our time is limited. The day has only 24 hours and when you fulfil your sleeping quota of 23 hours, there is only one hour left to pack all the other parts of the feline work day into.

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Interests