Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Denial


“Tabby you cannot walk there.”

“Why not Mrs. Human?”

“There is a sign that says “no unauthorized persons are allowed on this building site. Responsibility will not be held liable for accidents”. And it is signed by the owner.”

“Owner does not exist in meow, we have territorial rights and this piece of land belongs to my territory. I am not an unauthorized person, I am a feline and the sign is not written in meow.”

“Tabby this is not a place for a feline, anything could happen and it certainly does not belong to your territory.”

“It does now, I just placed my mark on it – see that pile over there. I spent time covering it all up. I have now claimed this land, I have perfumed it with my wonderful scent. It is ideal Mrs. Human, Look at that long grass, it is an invitation to hunt. The mice have already moved in, and if I am not allowed because it is dangerous, then neither are the mice.”

“And what will you do when the men come with their machines and begin to dig.”

“Typical human: no respect for the feline race, and we were here first. Remember the sabre tooth tigers`”

“Not really Tabby, I just read about them in books.”

“They were my ancestors and were here long before the first human began to walk upright. You were still sitting in the trees eating insects, too frightened to come down in case you were the lunch for the next passing sabre toothed feline. We did not have signs to tell us to keep away, all our species had to do was open its mouth and roar and all the humans fled to the nearest cave they found, if it was not already occupied by one of our ancestors.”

“Yes Tabby, but you are now felinus domesticus and wait for your human to open the tin of tuna fish, because we have the opposable thumbs.”

“But you need soap and hot water for a wash and we have our own do-it-yourself mechanism.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Denial