Daily Feline Prompt: Fashionable Feline


“All the felines are now jealous of my new modern fashionable gymnastic studio. Now I can keep fit. I practice climbing stairs and doing the high jump over metal posts.”

“Tabby that is not for gymnastic exercices, it is for the builders. Anything could drop from above and fall on you.”

“You mean like the sky Mrs. Human.”

“No Tabby, we discussed that before, the sky cannot fall.”

“But it hit a chicken on the head once.”

“Just do not believe everything the chickens tell you. A brick could fall and that would be serious.”

“Mrs. Human the wall would never let a brick fall on me. The wall is my friend. We stare at each other for hours.”

“Yes Tabby I know.”

“You mean you watch me? They are my private moments. This is ideal. I can practice my balance on the pole and I can sharpen my claws on the wood at the bottom. I even have a ditch for my recycling operations.”

“That ditch is not for feline waste products, it is for the scaffolding supports.”

“But it helps my training for the long jump. I can jump from one side to the other. Shall I show you how I do it?”

“Not necessary Tabby, I do not want a reason for a trip to the vet. You could break a leg if you miss”

“Mrs. Human you really have no trust in the feline resistance qualities. As Paws H.G. Wellcat said “The path of least resistance is the path of the feline” meaning that we are strong and can conquer all. And do not forget, I still have 5 lives in reserve.”

“How could I forget Tabby, you play with them daily.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Fashionable Feline