Daily Feline Prompt: Elastic Feline

Tabby having a stretch

One, two, three, stretch and one, two, three, stretch

Put the right paw out, and pull the left paw in

But don’t forget to extend the claws. Just exercising the elasticity of my wonderful feline body.

I should really clean my claws, looks like there is some material left from my last visit to the recycling box. This will be a teeth job I think. Just an aimed scrape at the claw surface, and perhaps a dig in between. My mum always said that a feline should always have clean claws. It makes it easier to tear whatever  should be torn when eating.

And now for the back legs. Bend the paw joints, one after the other. Oh, those claws could also use a cleaning session. I will hook them into the nice comfortable surface of the carpet and wipe them off. That will do the job nicely, no Mrs. Human around to tell me to be careful of the carpet. She has no idea, carpets are for claw cleaning.

And perhaps I should stretch the jaws, you never know if something big might arrive in them for a clean bite. I am talking birds, they come in all sizes. Mice are easier, they are smaller.

And now for the tail muscles. A wave to the right and a wave to the left, wrap it around the body and shake it all out.

So that will do it. And now for the slow Tai Paw movements: three circles anti earth axis turns and three cirles in the direction of the earth revolutions.

That is perfect, I hope I havn’t forgot anything. Now for the tongue exercises. A lick on the right paw to wipe behind the ear, then the left paw for the other ear.¬† Now the balancing exercises: just lean back and the tongue will do the rest. Do not ask where, there are certain movements that a female feline likes to keep to herself.

And now I smell like a spring feline. Oh how wonderful to be fit and clean.

The most important part and the grand finale is now. Turn, sink and close the eyes and sleep. Yes the feline day is full of stress.

Daily Feline Prompt: Elastic Feline