Daily Feline Prompt: Superficial Feline


“How do I look Mrs. Human?”

“Oh, Tabby, like something from a horror film.”

“Very good, that is the effect I wanted. Do you think I should show both of my front fangs or is one enough. I thought that both might look a little superfluous, and I really wanted to have the genuine touch.”

“But Tabby you are not my sweet little feline with that expression on your face. Even your eyes have a threatening glow to them.”

“Great, wonderful. I am now sure I will win the first prize at the feline Halloween experience.”

“Oh, I see. You are just dressing the part. You almost had me fooled.”

“Nothing with dressing, this is only the superficial part of it. The real meaning is a lot deeper. The feline halloween is not just dressing up and hissing everywhere. We remember the departed, the ones that lost their last 9th life  with their witches.”

“But that belongs to history Tabby. Felines were just the innocent victims of the superstitious humans.”

“Of course we were, our talents were trampled on. We would turn the milk sour, let whiskers float on the soup and above all howl on moonlit nights. It was not easy to keep up the reputation. It all went wrong when the humans decided to adopt us and dress up as witches. We were happy doing our thing. And now to commemorate those days, we become what we were years ago.”

“But you only dress up, or??”

“Dress up? If your teeth begin to grow a little longer at the end of October it is all in the feline genes. I might disappear for a few days but I will be back at the beginning of November. Oh, and I have decided no more tuna fish.”

“Really, are you ill?”

“Just training Mrs. Human. Serve me a nice piece of steak, raw. I like it juicy at this time of the year.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Superficial Feline

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