Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Belief

Tabby 07.10 (2)

“And now you must believe me Mrs. Human.”

“You mean that you are posing for a nice photo.”

“Of course I am posing for a photo. It shows me amongst all my victims. You can hang it on my wall.”

“Victims? Did you kill someone?”

“Mrs. Human, I am sitting amongst my triumphs, my conquests of a bitter fight. You never wanted to believe me, but now I have the proof.”

“Proof of what?”

“How many dead leaf soldiers can you count surrounding me.”

“There are far too many leaves to count Tabby. At this time of the year they are lying around everywhere.”

“Of course they are, because I killed them. I was watching from a safe place and then I saw them assembling for the attack. It was happening thick and fast. One after the other was diving, but I caught them with my claws and killed them. I pounced and suffocated them. The attack of the leaf soldiers has now been stopped. There are a few survivors here and there, but they no longer have a chance. Here you can see me sitting amongst my trophies. It was a far, far better thing I have done for a long while. You can now sleep safe Mrs. Human, knowing that they will not be coming for you.”

“Yes thankyou Tabby, but leaves are just leaves. They fall from the trees in Autumn every year, but you do not have to worry. They will reappear again in Spring.”

“They do what? You mean that this was not the last charge of the feline claw brigade. They will return?

Leaves to right,
Leaves to the left,
Leaves in front,
falling and attacking;
Storm’d at with claws and teeth,
Boldly I charged with success,
Into the jaws of the leaf soldiers,
Into the mouth of the leaf attack
Rode Tabby the cat.

But I will be back next year, same time and place. Take another photo Mrs. Human, for my fan club to show them what a brave feline I am. And one for Dusty the dog, he is a faithful follower and even believes me, which you do not.”

“Of course I believe you Tabby, you are a very brave feline killing all those leaves.”

“What are you doing with that rake Mrs. Human.”

“Collecting them for the compost heap of course. You cannot have dead bodies laying around, they might begin to smell.”

“Of course Mrs. Human, you have to have a cleaner after a leaf siege.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Belief

14 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Belief

  1. Hi Tabby, Martha here. I love this photo. As you know, you are a beautiful tabby cat. Your Pal, Martha

    Dear Tabby, Our human took out after the leaves day before yesterday and now they are all organized on top of these strips of ground with which she fusses part of the year. No idea why, but Mindy got a lot of treats from some of the things that grew there. Our human is holding them down with branches because it is very windy here where we live and the leaves have to be stopped or they’ll keep moving. Not much news. We are back to having adventures in town. Our human says it’s the awkward time of year. I have no idea what she means. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      That is my photo of triumph. Note how I have my paw on a dead leaf.

      Your human is protecting you from the advancing leaves. She is holding them down and risking her life for you. That is a very brave human. It is not the wind Dusty, but the revenge of the leaves, they are fighting to return. If any escape, kill them. My human is continuously collecting the dead leaves. She does not bury them but puts them into a big plastic box and then they disappear when the burial team collect them. It is all very well organised.

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    • She says she can accept no more leaf fighting battles, she is completely exhausted and must now relax from the stress. It is not easy being under constant attack from falling leaves.


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