Daily Feline Prompt: The Exceptional Feline


“Look at the camera Tabby, I want to take your photo.”

“Mrs. Human, you take my photo every day, you must have hundreds of photos of me. I know I am important and irresistable, but I like to choose my pose.”

“Tabby, you always turn your head in the opposite direction whan I want to take a photo.”

“Of course, that is the material that the Pulitzer prize feline photos are made of. If I stared into the camera, there would be no surprise effect, no feline mystery, no quoi de neuf.”

“No what?”

“It’s meow french and means “What’s up”. I like to leave my public with longing for more. If I stared at the camera and smiled, which my feline face muscles are not able to perform, there would be no mystery, no wanting to return for more. There must always be a question left hanging. “Will she meow, will she raise her back paw for a lick, or will she dip her paw into a bowl of water “. ┬áIf I stood to attention for your photos, they would be boring, my followers would be disappointed.”

“Pehaps you could stand on your back legs Tabby, that would be something completely different.”

“I have a better idea Mrs. Human. You could crawl on your hands and feet and I would take a photo.”

“Don’t be riciculous, I would be the joke of the day.”

“Exactly, but it would be an exception.”

Daily Feline Prompt: The Exceptional Feline