Daily Feline Prompt: Cloaked Feline

Tabby A 12.10 (2)

“Mrs. Human, it will soon be catoween and I have to dress for the occasion.”

“Tabby felines do not dress, they have their own fur coat.”

“That is not the same. I need something more impressive. We will all be meeting at the local cemetery for a hissing event. It would look better if I had blood dripping from my teeth and glowing eyes in the dark.”

“I think you are overdoing it just a little. I thought felines did not mix with other felines.”

“That is the fun of the whole party We spend the time avoiding each other and if we happen to meet we greet with paw swipes and loud meows. Last year Tiddles almost lost an ear because he called Butch a cissy.”

“Sounds quite a rough event.”

“You can buy me a new steel studded collar with a built-in electric shock givers if the other felines get rough.”

“No Tabby, and then the other humans would begin to complain that you are harming their felines.”

“That is the purpose of a feline life Mrs. Human, to leave a mark behind when we go, although don’t worry, we go 9 times according to our lives and afterwards we are rewarded with our tenth life. So, to remain in text, you can at least get my claws manicured to sharp points for the halloween party.”

“You have enough trees for that purpose, athough it sounds more like a feline fighting session than a party.”

“In meow it all means the same Mrs. Human. But perhaps you could paint my teeth red at halloween, just for the effect.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Cloaked Feline