Daily Feline Prompt: Release Tabby

Tabby gets a jab

And you ask why I do not like the Vet? It is imprisonment from the beginning to the end. It all begins so well until I see the dreaded cage and I know my fate is sealed, but I am always one paw, no four paws, ahead. If the cage appears then run for you life, enjoy your freedom while you can. The best place to hide is beneath a human bed in the corner because humans are not so good at crawling under beds.  The door is shut to the room, I cannot hide. I try another place which humans cannot reach, but I see only closed doors. The humans are getting sly. Before I can plan my next step I am lifted to the cage. There is not even time to spread all my legs out to prevent entering the cage. Somhow the humans are one step ahead and the lid is closed. I want to get out, but my meows go unheeded.

From one prison to another, the cage is now in the car. At least I can enjoy the journey by looking out of the window, but I continue to meow.

We arrive at the vets. There is no escape from the torture of being prodded by a sharp instrument, again which is supposed to be good for me. No-one actually asked me, but I fought claw and tooth to the end to no avail. At the end of the process I was imprisoned in my cage again and now it was a relief because I knew I was on the way home to my territory.

Of course Mrs. Human assured me that it “was good for you” but I am still thinking about that. I remember hearing the vet say “same time same place next year” as we departed – did he mean me?

Daily Feline Prompt: Release Tabby