Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Trademark


“Mrs. Human, why are you following me everywhere with your camera?”

“Tabby I need a photo of you.”

“But you must have hundreds of photos of me. I know I am the best looking feline here, but sometimes you tend to overdo it.”

“Tabby, if you would look into the camera instead of turning your head, I could get the perfect photo. I now want to show everyone your nice Macdonald’s “M” on your forehead.”

“You can show everyone tomorrow, the “M” will still be tbere.”

“But I need it now to show your trademark.”

“My trademark? Am I going on the stock exhange? Any profits should be paid into my paw account.”

“OK Tabby, then we will make fifty fifty.”

“Only the half with my Macdonald’s “M”? Forget it. I have worked on that perfect “M” since I was a kitten. It is unique. I lick it regularly to get the shape, but as an exception I will let you take the photo. Don’t forget to mention my credits and you can keep your 50 whatever.”

“Oh, that is very generous Tabby.”

“I think there is a little misunerstanding here. I mean I get the complete 100% and you are allowed to put the photo online for my fans.”

“But I took the photo.”

“Do I have opposable thumbs, no. My abilities are limited for a photo take, that is why I have you. Perhaps you could enhance the “M” shape a little on the photo with pawshop to emphasise it.”

“I am not enhancing anything Tabby, the “M” is good enough for me.”

“But not for me. But let us not quibble over the small details. I will settle for a tin of tuna fish and you may have the hard vitamin pellets.”

“Humans do not eat vitamin pellets.”

“Why not. You are always telling me the they are good for me, so they must be even better for a human. Perhaps you will also grow a MacDonalds “M” on your forehead. That would be quite a sensation.”

“Yes it would but I prefer to stay as I am. I do not want to rival your good looks.”

“Very good Mrs. Human, and now apply your opposable thumbs to open a tin of tuna fish, stirred, not shaken.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Trademark

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