Daily Feline Prompt: Orange Tabby


“That’s a nice photo Tabby.”

“Why? Is there something different Mrs. Human?”

“Your fur colour matches the colour of the bed cover.”

“All looks the same to me.”

“Not exactly. Your fur is brown and the bed cover is orange.”

“Is there a difference?”

“Of course Tabby, but I forgot, you are colour blind.”

“I am not blind, I see perfectly well, I can see the birds in the tree on the other side of the the garden.”

“I am sure you can Tabby, but you often don’t see what is in front of your nose.”

“I don’t have to, that is all done by feline quantum mathematics and the smeling mechanism, as well as the whiskers. It all fits together. If I measure the tangeant of the stretch movment of my paw compared to the trigonometrical angle of 90° between my whiskers and my ears, subtracted by the air vibrations surrounding my food bowl, compared to the smell infiltrating my nose, I arrive where I want to go. Who needs colours when you have a high grade perception of mathematical senses.”

“Sorry Tabby, you lost me with the trigonometrical angle.”

“You mean your mothers don’t teach you all those tricks when you are learning how to wash youself with the tongue.”

“Not really Tabby, we can see in colours and that helps and we wash with soap and water.”

“Another proof of the imperfection of the human body. It must have been a quick job when the first human was assembled. They even had to learn to walk upright. We could walk upright from the beginning on four legs and you only have two. They must have been saving costs on the human production.”

“But we have opposable thumbs.”

“Big deal, meaning that you can button up your coat which is superfluous, we have our own built in coat.”

“And what about opening the tins of tuna fish.”

“Huh, we can live without tuna fish if necessary. We only eat it to give the humans a purpose for their opposable thumbs.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Orange Tabby