Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Preferences


Preferences does not really exist in meow. We use the word “necessity” connected with I, me and myself of course. It would be stupid if I said I would prefer to sit on the comfortable leather armchair and sleep. I see the chair and can already feel the comfort surrounding my fur. I take a leap and I arrive. “Quiet Mrs. Human, I saw the chair first”. Humans seem to have their own interpretation of life. I came, I saw and I conquered, is the feline way of life.  It was not Julius Caeser that first said there words, but his cat, Felis Catus, that coined the phrase. It was the ides of March and Felis Catus was sleeping a sleep of the righteous on a comfortable Roman couch whilst Caeser had a few assassination problems. The main thing was that the feline survived and afterwards could choose freely where she wanted to sleep.

She was an example for all felines and so we choose the most comfortable place available, not out of prference but because we own it. We own everything but now and again we allow a human to use it if we do not need it at the time.

However, preferences are not always so clear to the humans. They are convinced that we  have a preference for hard vitamin pellets. It is all in the name of convenience. Take a plastic bag, open it and pour it into the food bowl. Yes, so are the humans, no imagination. We felines need thought applied to our food. Pellets are so uninteresting, they have no character. Opening a tin of tuna fish and garnishing it with a sprig of tarragon is the ideal choice. Of course we do not eat tarrogon, but you eat with the eyes and whiskers. I am sure Felis Catus in Rome was served with more consideration. It was the reason why Caeser had to go, Felis Catus noticed that Mark Anthony’s felines were always served with the first choice of mouse and the Roman mice were the best according to the Book of Bastet.

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Preferencesa

7 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Preferences

  1. Hi Tabby, Martha here. I understand that back in Julius Caesar’s time, humans ate dormouse. It was considered a great delicacy. Felis Catus was clearly a privileged feline, though I’m sure “privilege” does not exist in Meow. Dusty is asleep, possibly sending telepathic messages. I don’t know. Your pal, Martha

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    • Meow Martha
      Talking of canines, they also have their preferences, as it exists in Bow-wow. Perhaps a little extra helping of tuna fish would make them eternatlly grateful. I have heard that canines even say thankyou to humans. Felis catus was a feline, there is no need to add an adjective. All felines are to be treated as gods. Unfortunately this has been forgotten, but we will return and recover that what is rightfully ours.
      Tabby T. Cat

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  2. My dogs will eat anything. I have yet to find something they will not happily consume, from raw onions to strawberries. I haven’t tried them on pickles yet, though. I’m sure they’d be thrilled with tuna since they are very happy with any kind of fish we give them. Fish, bird, beast … no matter. With strawberries.

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    • Felines are more fussy. It has to be fish or meat, although yogurt is also welcome. Tabby likes a pasta sample, but not too much. We have to be careful what we give her as a treat, as she tends to work on them for hairball production.


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