Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Gratitude


“Tabby I just emptied your litter box.”

“And? It’s your job.”

“I thought you would be glad to have a clean litter box smelling nice and fresh.”

“Ah, yea, but it is not the same is it?”

“What do you mean?”

“It no longer smells of me, there are no longer the sweet aromas of my persoanl scent.”

“That is why I clean it everytime you use it.”

“I noticed, no privacy here with an added insult. As soon as I follow my natural needs, you clean it away. That is why I prefer the garden.”

“The garden?”

“Of course, your bushes are ideal and my recycling material serves as a good fertiliser.”

“But you are digging holes everywhere in my garden.”

“But I cover them up again, with an architectural mound. I think it enhances the garden, not so boring. You should be thankful for the improvements in the earth. It is not longer so compact and everything submerges much better.”

“Yes including your deposits.”

“No worry. Winter is now approaching and I will again be using my litter box.”

“For which I will be grateful Tabby.”

“You are using that word again Mrs. Human, it does not exist in meow.”

“I am sure it doesn’t Tabby, Felines accept everything as being self-evident.”

“Of course we do, I produce litter and you clear it away. I am hungry and you supply food, although not so self-evident tuna fish unfortunately.”

“You mean if I would continuously supply tuna fish you would be eternally grateful.”

“Another word that does not exist in meow, two words actually. We do not do gratitude, we expect to be treated like the gods we once were, and still are, although modern humans forget easily. In the olden days you would have been thankful for every dead mouse I had caught, now you just utter *eek” “ugh” and “take that disgusting animal away”. You even feel sorry for the “poor little mouse”, but recognition for my bravery and the fact that I am sharing my reward with you is ignored. You should be grateful that I am here. I don’t need these strange words, we felines manage quite well without them.”

“I am sure you do Tabby. May I fill your bowl with tuna fish?”

“Of course, no need to ask silly questions.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Gratitude