Daily Feline Prompt: Ghoulish Feline


“Tabby why are you staring in that corner?”

“My ancestor is here, Maledetta, she always comes on a visit at halloween.”

“I cannot see anyone.”

“Of course you cannot, it is only for feline eyes. She was burnt with her human many years ago, but always returns on 31st October for food.”

“For food?”

“Of course, we should never let the undead felines go hungry. They will otherwise eat any flesh they might find, but not feline flesh. Some of the witches familiars were quite partial to human flesh. Do not worry Mrs. Human. If you do the right thing, she will not attack you.”

“But I cannot see her, is she really there?”

“Of course she is. She is now twitching her whiskers and blinking with her eye.”


“Yes, she only has one, she lost the other eye in a fight with a morlock’s curse. You should really be careful on halloween Mrs. Human, not all felines are as lovable and helpful as I am. It is best if you prepare two bowls of tuna fish this evening. One for me and one for Maledetta. She will then be satisifed and leave us in peace at midnight.”

*Ghoul cats eat tuna fish.”

“Of course, their favourite food. And be sure to add the juice, they love that most of all. Maledetta was the best feline for licking to the last drop of blood in her day.  She is coming closer Mrs. Human and sniffing the air around you, I would hurry. Anything could happen on halloween.”

“Of course Tabby. Two bowls of tuna fish.”

“And now you have done your duty, Maledetta is showing her approval by showing her wonderful pointed teeth. You may now go Mrs. Human, she does not like being watched when eating.”

“But Tabby, will you be all right alone with Maledetta.”

“Of course Mrs. Human, it’s family. Good Night.”

“Good Night Tabby, but are you sure?”

“Of course Mrs. Human, just go. Malaedetta is becoming impatient, can you hear her.”

“I hear nothing.”

“Of course not, that is because it is only for feline sensitive ears.”

At last she has gone. And now it is halloween and I have my usual two bowls of tuna fish instead of one. Maledetta? forget it. I think it was just an old story the mother cats would tell their kittens. My mum also got two bowls of tuna fish at halloween because her human had ghoulish visions of Maledetta returning from the grave.

Daily Feline Prompt: Ghoulish Feline