Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Panacea


“Time goes so fast Tabby. Perhaps I should call the vet now to arrange your annual appointment.”

“What annual appointment Mrs. Human. I feel fine, wonderful, no problem. Admittedly I leave traces of hairballs now and again, but that is a natural process. We felines do not need vets, we can do it all ourself. Just eat some fresh grass and we have our own cleansing station. No remains of fur left, and the hair balls arrive.”

“I am not talking about your hairballs Tabby, although you could perhaps control the production. I am referring to your annual jabs against the feline problems.”

“The biggest problem I have is the visit to the vet. He is evil and wants to wipe out the feline population.”

“I don’t think so Tabby, otherwise he would no longer have felines to care for.”

“You call that care. He spends his time sharpening needles and jabs them into my private parts. That is not care, but the vet inquisition. I feel fine before I arrive at the vet and when I leave everything is throbbing in my most tender of parts.”

“Don’t over do it Tabby, it is for your own good. You are now 15 years old and are still active. You never have health problems and you have to thank the care you get from the vet for that.”

“So if I have no health problems, why visit the vet.”

“It is to make sure you don’t get any health problems.”

“How do you know? Perhaps if I did not visit the vet I would also have no health problems. It is all a big scam Mrs. Human. The vets are just after you money and they have a secret urge to stick needles in us poor harmless little felines. They probably invent all these strange complaints. I have never met a feline that suffers with them.”

“Of course not, because they all have their annual jabs.”

“Ahh, think I will have a long sleep Mrs. Human, that is also a cure for any complaints you might have, although I have none of course. I visit the vet every year for my jabs.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Panacea

4 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Panacea

  1. Dear Tabby, I once shared your feelings toward vets, but now I live where there are vets that really like animals a lot. My human doesn’t have to drag me inside the vet clinic any more like she used to, and I no longer bark, growl and bare my teeth at them because they are going to kill me. Last time I went to the vet to get my annual check up, the vet said, “What a handsome big black dog you are, Dusty. How old are you?” My human told him that I am 11 and he said, “You’re in great shape. Even your teeth are in great shape, a little tartar, but no other problems. You’ve taken good care of Dusty, Mrs. Kennedy!” I know that my teeth are good because I get NOTHING to eat but hard vitamin pellets. My teeth had better be good or I’d starve. Maybe you need to find a vet like mine. Although, I have to say, when the felines come to the vet, they are all incarcerated by their humans, not allowed to enter and leave freely. Perhaps it’s a feline trait to hate the vet. Hmmmm…. I will ponder this. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      I must have the most perfect teeth in the world as I am persistently being fed on the hard vitamin pellets. If you can bite through them, you can bite through anything. I have never ever met a kind lovable vet that pats me on the head and says what a good girl I am. He packs me on the back and his assistent helps with the assasination attempt holding me still and I am prodded with a mega size needle. My pride is hurt and I am not happy – death to all vets I say. They must have two kinds of vets, one for canines and the others for felines. Yes we are incarcerated (must enter that word in my meow dictionary) and never allowed to run free. Once my big fat sister Nera (who was fluffy not fat) escaped in the vet. He was annoyed, walked out and left his assistant to find her again behind the cupboard where she was hiding. Yes, that was a feline Nera, she showed them all.
      Tabby T. Cat


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