Daily Feline Prompt: Dancing Felines


You put your back paw in and keep your back paw out
in, out, in, out, you lick it all about
You do the wishy washy and you wave your tail
That’s what it’s all about

Meow the wishy washy, meow the wishy washy, meow the wishy washy
That’s what washing’s all about
Head bent, claws stretched
meow, meow, meow

“Tabby what’s that song you are singing?”

“It’s the washing song, my mum taught us kittens how to do it properly. you must have a system. It is no good just licking anywhere, you have to follow the formula.”

“On my bed covers?”

“Of course, my mum said find a nice soft comfortable place, you can then reach all the furry bits in detail. You should try it Mrs. Human, is much better than standing under water although you do not have the fur problem, as your fur only grows on the head.”

“But why have your claws ready.”

“That is quite logical, you never know what you might find in your fur, and the claws are ready to capture it.”

“Eeek, get off my bed covers.”

“No problem Mrs. Human, they are so small and microscopic you wouldn’t see them and they usually hop away.”

“But they hop somewhere.”

“Only the survivors. I usually eat most of them.”

“Tabby, can we perhaps change the subject of the conversation.”

“No problem Mrs. Human, but I must concentrate on the cleaning process. See there is one – got it.”


“Yes Mrs. Human”

“Wouldn’t you like to go outside for your wash.”

“In the cold weather? I could catch a feline chill outside. It is much more comforable here.

Meow the wishy washy, meow the wishy washy, meow the wishy washy
That’s what washing’s all about”

“I give up”

“You said something Mrs. Human?”

Daily Feline Prompt: Dancing Felines

7 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Dancing Felines

  1. Dear Tabby, Mindy T. Dog here. Humans do not understand the HONOR we animals give them by doing our intimate washing where they can see us. It’s a symbol of trust and unity. I ALWAYS clean my parts after I come in the house and have jumped up on the sofa beside my human. It’s incomprehensible to me that she has a negative reaction to this as does your human. Between us, I can’t think of anything WORSE than standing in a slippery place while water rushes all over me, yet, my human does that frequently. Who is she to say my hygienic customs are bizarre and disgusting, am I right? OH well. Nice talking to you. Your pal, Mindy T. Dog

    Liked by 1 person

    • Meow Mindy
      Of course you are right. I am constantly cleaning my parts. Humans just do not understand the meaning of life. Although I must add that the washing part and a good lick in the hidden places is really necessary, but whether showing photos of my private ablutions should be permitted?. One of my favourite places to sleep at the moment is in the so-called bathroom because there is a nice warm carpet on the floor. Even Mrs. Human sits there, probably to relax. If only I had opposable thumbs to be able to take a few photos of her, perhaps when she is throwing water all over herself. She is always taking photos of me to show everyone.
      Tabby T. Cat

      Liked by 1 person

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