Daily Feline Prompt: Cat strut


Here I am taking a strut around the landscape. The sign says that I am not allowed to walk on the building site, but I do not see a building site, just lots of wonderful grass where it all happens in the depths. I can even smell mouse, meaning that they are alive and waiting to fall into my welcome paws.

It is always the fun things in a feline life that are forbidden. As it is a human signpost it cannot be meant for me as we all know felines must have their own signs written in meow. It also says that no-one will accept responsibility if there is an accident. I have never fallen on a blade of grass so there is no danger.

And now I can hear something. A tin opener is being applied somewhere in the distance. I now have a choice, wait and pounce on a mouse if it appears, or walk home to a bowl of instant tuna fish with all of its delights. You see, yet another mouse life saved but I will be back.

Tabby walking in the garden 31

Ad here I am again, this time in the snowy landscape. Yes I am very versatile, but nothing present a problem for me. I am the champion strutter, although I prefer to avoid the white stuff, it tends to freeze my paws.

Cat Strut

2 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Cat strut

  1. Hi Tabby, Martha here. You are really a beautiful little tabby cat. I like it a lot when your human has a photo of your face. Dusty and Bear (and even Mindy) are sorry you don’t like snow. Bear, in particular, thinks it’s the best thing ever perhaps next to tuna fish. Oh, you can stop sending telepathic messages to Dusty on the tuna issue. I have some for them and I’m waiting for the right moment to give it to them. It’s all under control. Your pal, Martha

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    • Meow Martha
      There is a right moment for tuna fish? I am of the opinion that every moment is a tuna fish moment so just put it in a dish, the dogs will,handle it for you. . Snow is cold and wet and not feline friendly. Mrs. Human also likes to take photos of my face, but I do my best to look in the opposite direction to increase the suspense.

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