Daily Feline Prompt: Black Feline

Nera putting herelf in the picture

This is Nera my litter sister, putting herself in the picture again. She was always the first, she was the boss, being the first one to appear. I was supposed to be the first one to arrive, but just as the exhaustions of pushing were nearly finished, she pushed us all to one side and was the firstborn. There were four of us, but we we were all different colours. Yes on that memorable evening on the rooftop mum had been dealing in catnip and tried it all. I somehow have a feeling that Nera’s dad was not Tabby’s dad, but mum was never one to have any regrets in life.

Nera was my fate, where she went I went as well and Mrs. Human was influenced in being adopted by Nera and myself. I remember the first time Mrs. Human used that monster machine called vacuum cleaner. Nera was the first to sqeeze behind the cupboard in the corner and I followed her. I seemed to spend my meow life following her. We shared everything, although sharing was not exactly Nera’s philosophy. She just tossed me the leftovers of the mice she couldn’t manage. She was also the first to try the tuna fish, although Mrs. Human did prepare two dishes, one for each of us. Nera tried both and chose the dish that I could have afterwards.

If danger was approaching from another feline she would hiss and disappear, leaving me on my own to fight it out. I would be hard on her paws afterwards for the cat flap. She had the first choice of sleeping quarters and her favourite game was playing with green beans. Of course they were not beans, but bean soldiers. She would kill them all by trapping them between her paw and the table leg.

Nera and the bean hunt 5

Yes we fought many battles together until the day she got her 10th life in the eternal corn chambers. Now and again she still returns to see how I am managing on my own. Actually I am managing very well without my sister, who was not fat but fluffy. I do not tell her, do not want to hurt her feelings.

Daily Feline Prompt: Black Feline

5 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Black Feline

  1. Dear Tabby, I know what you mean about having a sister. I had three. They were all Siberian huskies so you wouldn’t want to know them. My human says they do not mix well with felines except in matters of digestion. My sisters, Mindy and Bear, however, get along well with felines so if you ever happened to be here, you wouldn’t have to worry. All of my Siberian Husky sisters have gone to the Enchanted Forest. Sometimes we still hear from Lily T. Wolf. I still miss her, but I’m doing OK with the sisters I have. Maybe your human should get you another sister? Your friend forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      Why does everyone think I feel alone. I put up with my sister and she put up with me. We were thrown together until the ninth life left one of us. I love I, me and myself and need no more felines that Mrs. Human thinks would be „good for me“. I have my territory, my food bowl and my recycling tray without having to share anything. I can choose where I want to sleep and do not have to search fo an empty cushion. I must admit the cat fights Nera and I had were exciting, but now I prefer to watch and take it easy.
      Tabby T. Cat

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