Daily Feline Prompt: Meow me a Riff


Meow, meow, meow
It is easy when you know how
It begins in the whiskers and sinks to the lungs
I can cover 4 octaves and sing in many tongues
I practice all the night and even in my sleep
Mrs. Human tells me to stop, the volume makes her weep
The full moon nights are the best, to set us all on fire
The felines on the rooftops join together, singing in a choir
The words are all the same as a feline knows no others
We learnt them from our birth, passed down by all our mothers
So let’s meow together, and let it ring out loud
Count in the pawful rhythm we are such a tuneful crowd
And dogs if you are willing and would like to have a lark
Join in with the accompaniment and have a real good bark
The words are really not difficult, you will learn them in a jiff
Just meow along with us, and you will learn the riff.

Daily Feline Prompt: Meow me a Riff

13 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Meow me a Riff

  1. A long time ago, when I was still young,
    the coyotes would yip and howl in the night
    The three huskies listened, then the song was sung
    By Jasmine, Lily, Cheyenne, Cody and me.

    I’m just a black dog, not built to howl
    I did my best though it was more like a growl

    Now the huskies are gone but sometimes my human
    will throw back her head and we howl in unison
    In memory of those who have gone before,
    Jasmine, Lily, Cheyenne, Cody and more.

    Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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  2. It sounds like the chorus from Cats! A musical cat can not only entertain the masses, but my your spine crawl strangely. I had a Siamese with a voice that could stop an army! He had a military-grade voice! Tabby is looking extremely leonine today.

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    • Problem being that Tabby thinks she is musical, like most felines. It is funny how each cat has its own voice. Tabby always sounds as if she is choking on every meow. Her sister Nera had a high pitched breathy meow and Fluffy, the man in the family, was loud and meowed often.


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