Daily Feline Prompt: Dubious Feline


“Mrs. Human, I am sleeping and do not wish to be disturbed.”

“Tabby I was only taking a photo.”

“You are constantly taking photos. You can see that I am sleeping.”

“I was not sure. Sometimes you look like your are sleeping but you are awake. You had your eyes closed.”

“I was only resting my eyes Mrs. Human.”

“How am I to know that?”

“You don’t have to know everything Mrs. Human. And now leave me in peace, or did you want to ask some advice like my food choice for the next meal.”

“No, Tabby, I have no doubt what you would select if I asked you, but I must disappoint you. Today is your healthy day.”

“You mean the dreaded vitamin pellets? I must be the healthiest feline in the area as I am continuously having my bowl filled with vitamin pellets.”

“Tabby, they are good for you.”

“Good for what? Although I must say they area a good binding substance for hair ball production.”

“That is not the idea. They are healthy and if you stay healthy I do not have to take you to the vet. Vets only treat sick animals.”

“In that case you can forget my jab this year. Healthy felines do not need jabs.”

“That is something different. You have your jabs to prevent you becoming sick.”

“I must be the healthiest feline here. Vitamine pellets and jabs: what more can a feline wish for.”

“Exactly Tabby.”

“Not quite, I have a Catmas wish.”

“What would you like.”

“Opposable thumbs to enable me to open the tuna fish tins witbout waiting for a human.”

“You see, you do not need opposable thumbs for the vitamin pellets, another advantage. -Tabby are you listening?”

“Purrr, purrr”

“It looks like she has fallen asleep.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Dubious Feline

3 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Dubious Feline

  1. Dear Tabby, I don’t know why my human has not opened ANY of the cans of tuna fish you sent us so long ago. I guess she’s not getting telepathic messages any more. It’s very disheartening to think she’s quit taking orders from you in this regard. OH well. Humans. What can you do? Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      The human race is there to confuse us, I am convinced. She is there to feed me and what do I get. Plastic bags full of pellets. We have a cupboard full of tuna fish tins in all sizes. I can smell the odour of the fish from outside the cupboard, although the tins are sealed. Just because she has an undeveloped sense of smell, it does not mean that we felines belong to the same lower class of animals. Perhaps the humans are rebelling, it must be a conspiracy. They have notice that the felines have taken over and the dogs are supporting us. We felines are thinking about it.
      Tabby T. Cat

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