Daily Feline Prompt: Honking Feline


I meow or I purr according to the present state of mind, but never honk. I like to save my words and let the others do the talking. Meowing is only when I need a service from my human. She is a little slow to grasp the importance of a feline life, so I have to give her a push. If I lay on my back with all four paws in the air, this means tummy tickle time. She ignores me. That is when I must increase my verbal noses, perhaps with a meow variation sounding “meowwowwow” in a high pitch voice and with repetition. She appears and I give her the look, Who needs meows when looks could be just as good. It usually serves its purpose.

Words are often superfluous. When she begins to eat a meal of cooked meat and all I have is a bowl of dry vitamin pellets, then I apply telepathy. Of course the human is not capable of telepathy, which is quite good. It would really not be positive if she could read my thoughts. Of course I can read the human thoughts and believe me what a mess that is until you find the right place. It is a mixture of cooking, cleaning, shopping and confusion, until I get to the Tabby part of the brain. There is a complete department reserved there for me and my needs. It was hard work, but we felines can easily influence the human thoughts and brain design. And so whilst she is absorbing the pleasure of fresh cooked meat, I give her the look. This always works and she cannot bear to see me suffering. She even pre-chews it for me as  human meat is not shaped into feline sized pieces.

As I said, why honk when a feline telepathic influence works just as well.

Daily Feline Prompt: Honking Feline

4 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Honking Feline

  1. Dear Tabby, still no tuna. My “little” sister has resorted to chewing cardboard on the wood floor. I know you would do something if you could, but Feldbrunnen is a long ways away. My human says you live there and it’s even farther than Colorado Springs. I’ve tried telepathy and everything I know. Yesterday we went to the vets. There was a black feline there I wanted to meet since I thought we were parallels — black dog, black cat — but it wanted nothing to do with me. I saw my vet who is always really happy to see me and scratches my back and calls me a good dog. Most humans pay attention to my “little” sister, but I think he likes me best. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      It seems the authorities have stopped export of tuna fish. Can you perhaps accept a few kilo of vitamin pellets? Mrs. Human says they are good for you. Sorry to tell you Dusty, but cats are not parallel to dogs, we exist on a higher level. It has nothing to do with the colour, but the feline intelligence. we do not do things like friendship. Our motto is never trust anything, especially if it has four legs and barks. so let us keep at a distance. Feldbrunnen is not Colarado Springs, it is “Meadow Fountain” in human language. I would never trust a vet that would call me a good cat, just pure fake news. They only do it to make sure you come back for more.
      Tabby T. Cat

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  2. But remember, geese really DO honk … and it is possible they would enjoy tuna too. Our furred companions are very fond of any kind of fish. Shrimp is a special favorite, but salmon is fine too. We should all eat more fish. Definitely. More fish for all!!

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    • I hear the geese honking as I approach the stables where they are kept on a field at the side. I am convinced of Tabby’s love of fish, and I am sure she would also be partial to a piece of goose. She is not fussy if it honks or not, it is the taste that matters.


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