Daily Feline Prompt: Particulars in a feline life


“Tabby what are you sniffing around at in those old toys.”

“That are not toys but therapeutic assistants to develop my physical strength and mental capacities in a feline life. Where is my automatic creeping mouse, the one that would squeak if I put my paw on it?”

“Tabby that was a long while ago, when you were a kitten and you once had a fight with it. I had to throw it away, it was injured. Your claws tore it to pieces.”

“You mean I killed it? But that is what mice are for. You should have bought a replacement.”

“Forget it Tabby, you are tool old for such toys today.”

“And what about my catmint pouches. They no longer have the same inviting smell. I had some wonderful moments of transcendential wanderings with the catmint. You must replace them Mrs. Human.”

“Catmint does not last forever Tabby?”

“But you could have replaced the filling for me. Now I am left with odourless catmint parcels and I don’t get a kick out of them.”

“I should have thrown them away long ago.”

“Quite right Mrs. Human and replaced them.”

“What are all those balls doing in my therapy box?”

“You used to like chasing them if I threw them. You would return them, carrying them in your mouth and drop them at my feet to throw them again.”

“Yes, I remember. What a boring game that was, I only played to keep you happy so that you could throw them again.”

“I though you enjoyed that game.”

“Mrs. Human I do not play games, if I chase after something it has a logical meaning.”

“Like bringing it back to me.”

“Well it seemed to keep you amused. Any now you can put away my therapy box. But wait a minute, Leave me that grey thing in the wire cage.”

“You want to play with it?”

“Definitely not, I want to disect it to examine its construction.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Particulars in a feline life

4 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Particulars in a feline life

  1. Dear Tabby, You have as many toys as my “little” sister, Bear, has. She gets new toys every month. Perhaps you should use your Pawpad to sign yourself up for Meowbox. I am sure catnip arrives in it monthly, too. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      They are not toys, but for improving mind over matter, I had a quick look at meowbox on my pawpad, but they said they do not deliver to Switzerland. We Swiss cats are all deprived of the pleasures of a meowbox. I told Mrs. Human she could make a meowbox for me herself every month, but she was not so keen. I am still working on it.
      Tabby T. Cat

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  2. All the fur persons’ toys have been dragged outside. I can see some of them under the leaves, in the mud. One of the missing items is Bonnie’s collar which apparent, Duke pulled off her and is now somewhere out in the yard in the mud and leaves, too. Toys? They have none. They are all … gone.

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