Daily Feline Prompt: Simplifying Feline


Simplify? What can be more simple. There a few basics to a feline life.

Sleep: At least 22 hours a day, reserving an hour for searching for a new sleeping place.

Eat: We all have our preferences even if they are sometimes not available. A further hour is necessary for this task. So eat what you get, but do not forget to complain afterwards if it is not exactly what you wanted. I never hesitate to constantly remind my human that vitamin pellets are not the essence of a feline meal. There is more to life than brown geometric shapes that have to be forced down the throat.

Wash: Always keep your fur free from strange objects that could lodge themselves between the strands. If they move, and some do, bite them. They will no longer move and might even supply an accessory to the diet.

Meow: Useful for reminding your human that you are still there. Humans should never forget the responsiblity they have as slaves to their feline masters.

Recycle: This can be a hairball, or other items. An important process in the daily  feline household.

And now I am exhausted after writing these wise words and need to relax.

Daily Feline Prompt: Simplifying Feline

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