Daily Feline Prompt: Encrusted Feline


When you sleep and are away
You are gone in a place were you want to stay
Your whiskers are frozen, they will not move
My body is floating in a completely new groove
Encrusted in dreams of days long ago
I was burnt with my witch, they were days of woe
I escaped to a land we were worshipped as gods
Mice were our life, they arrived in their squads
And then I moved on I needed a slave
I adopted my human, she was not very brave
I trained her with force, to comply with my wish
I told her no pellets, so she fed me with fish
And now I can relax, I have my own bed
I know when I awake I will be fed
There is no moral to be found in this tale
Just do what you want. a human does not fail
She cleans out my tray, keeps my bed free of crumbs
And has one big advantage, the opposable thumbs.

Daily Feline Prompt: Encrusted Feline

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