Daily Feline Prompt: Messy Feline


I am absolutely not messy, but am very, very clean
From morning to evening I really only preen
I have a wonderful tongue so pink and sharped edged
It ensures I am clean and pefectly fledged
Of course there are messies, the cats with long fur
They lick and comb all day, but always leave a spur
We short haired tabbies are always looking neat
We have no problems with fleas, because we are so sweet
I once saw a flea, it was not one of mine
They are really very small, and not so good to dine
Kittens just keep clean and always lick away
it’s the best thing to do, and the insects will not stay

Daly Feline Prompt: Messy Feline

11 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Messy Feline

    • I had a long furred litter sister, Nera and she was a collector of wild life. Mrs. Human often got annoyed if a tic happened to dislodge itself from her fur and she trod on it. She said something abut it looking like a blood bath on the stone tiles of the floor. Nera also gave snails a home in the summer months because she sat on them and they stuck to her fur. I am the pefect feline, no flies, snails or tics on me.


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