Daily Feline Prompt: Fabricated Feline


I am geniune, 100% feline. My fur quality cannot be man made, it is the real thing. Each hair, each fibre, anchored to my wonderful luxury body. It is waterproof, and thanks to my compact washing sysstem, it is cleaned in a tongue lick.

Foreign bodies? Just now and again, but a bite and a scratch in the right place eliminates them. And thanks to my hairball manufacturing system there is never a fur particle lost. They are recycled in works of art, my own manufacturing process.

And now I must go and take a roll outside to finalise the nursing process.

Oh to have a lick
it is really the best trick
And then I take a roll
before I go for a stroll
My fur is oh so clean
I really like to preen
It is perfect and it will shine
And every hair is mine

Daily Feline Prompt: Fabricated Feline

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