Daily Feline Prompt: Uncompromising Feline


“Tabby will you get down from the table.”


“Because I said so.”

“That is not a sufficient explanation. There is no logic involved in the answer. I need a reason, a theory, an explanation. Just saying is not a reason to leave the table.”

“Tabby it is not very hygenic for a feline to sit on a table.”

“You mean I could be infected with human germs.”

“Not exactly, I was thinking that we humans might eat on this table now and again and we could be infected with feline germs, not wanting to insult your pride.”

“No problem Mrs.Human. We felines like to keep our germs to ourselves so there is no problem of human infection. And I like it on the table. I have a good perspective of the room and there are interesting objects on the table. I might even take into consideration to spend an hour sleeping on the document in front of me.”

“No Tabby, the documnts are there for a purpose and not as an extension of your bedroom.”

“No problem. Bedroom does not exist in meow, because bedrooms are not to be defined as a seperate object. Where I sleep can be anywhere, who needs a bedroom. If it is soft and warm it serves the purpose. Perhaps you could remove the bowl of walnuts from the table. They are a disturbance.”

“No Tabby, the solution to the problem is to remove the feline which seems to think that everything belongs to Tabby.”

“Mrs. Human, I came, I saw and conquered.”

“There is a bowl of tuna fish in the kitchen.”

“In that case I will postpone my acts of possession until later, I have to set my priorities.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Uncompromising Feline