Daily Feline Prompt: Wonder Feline


I do not want to bore you, you know I am the best
I am the most brainy feline, and have always passed the test
Everyone asks for my advice, because I know it all
I am the record catcher of birds, yes I really have a ball
Today I went for a walk, I was looking for a mouse
Mrs. Human was not very pleased, because I brought it to the house
I only wanted to show her, how clever I can be
But she did not appreciate my thoughts and did not show her glee
I will never understand humans, their logic is so weird
I only wanted to show her that a mouse is not to be feared

Daily Feline Prompt: Wonder Feline

10 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Wonder Feline

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  2. Humans are rarely as enthusiastic about mouse catching as cats and terriers can be. It’s a sad lesson that most of us have to learn. Back in the old days, Miss Divot used to kill mice by the truckload and load them up like stacks of wood by her two-leggses feet. Mom never appreciated getting all that extra meat. Some humans just don’t understand. Remember: it’s THEIR loss. You just do YOUR thing.

    One day, that mouse-meat will be the only food left. Be proud and feline!

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    • And I only wanted to,show Mrs. Human that I am the best. Perhaps I should try rats. I am sure she would be proud. I just have to think big. It would definitely make an everlasting impression.


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