Daily Feline Prompt: Grasping Feline


That is very easy. If it breathes, moves and smells good, then grasp it and of course kill it. Your next meal has been cared for. I am a little limited with grasping mechanisms, but you make the most of what you have, which in my case are four paws. The paws contain claws, so the idea is to dig your claws into the victim and use tearing actions.

Now don’t be silly humans. After all you have no qualms about tearing your meat with knives and forks. We felines are self sufficient, and have it all ourselves. We can even apply our teeth for various tearing actions. We are even able to grasp by employing two paws clamping the desired object between the paws. You say there are other applications for grasping and not only to prepare your meal? I suppose there are, but we felines tend to rely on the necessities of life.

Daily Feline Prompt: Grasping Feline

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