Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Wrinkle


“Mrs. Human, this food is definitely beneath my status in life.”

“But it is good for you Tabby, full of vitamins. It gives you a wonderful silky coat of fur and protects you from getting wrinkles.”

“I could get wrinkles? Is that dangerous, could I lose a life if I have wrinkles.”

“No Tabby of course not, Even humans can get wrinkles.”

“Then why don’t you eat these healthy vitamin pellets. If they prevent felines from having wrinkles, then they would also stop humans from suffering from wrinkles.”

“Humans do not eat vitamin pellets, they are manufactured for felines. You do not suffer with Wrinkles Tabby, they just appear, although as you are a feline with a fur coat, they would not be seen if you had them.”

“You mean I might have wrinkles and not even realise it. Or is this just a human trick to encourage the eating of the boring, tasteless vitamin pellets. Do these pellets make the wrinkles disintegrate, do they attack them and will it hurt me. Perhaps you should stop force feeding me on these chemical vitamin pellets.”

“No Tabby, they are healthy and contain everything you need for a perfect feline life.”

“But I prefer tuna fish. I have never heard of a feline getting these wrinkles because they eat tuna fish.”

“That is different Tabby. Tuna fish is nothing special.”

“That is a matter of opinion Mrs. Human. I find tuna fish very special, the highlight of my food life. And if I have wrinkles from tuna fish, it makes no difference. You said no-one would see my wrinkles because I have a fur coat. Mrs. Human, you have a wrinkle.”


“Everywhere because you never eat vitamin pellets.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Wrinkle

10 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Wrinkle

  1. Ha ha at least you got your own back. I guess you already know but tuna gives you a nice shiny coat and also gives you a really clever brain and it keeps you regular in the litter tray. Maybe you could get your human to just give you a little bit more unless she doesn’t want you to be over clever and always out smart her…..I think you do that anyway. Hugs and Purrs to Tabby and Tuna.x

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    • Tuna is good for you, I am always telling her. She does not listen and has been brainwashed by the vitamin pellet theory. Humans are born to be outsmarted. They were still living in the trees and eating bananas when we were being worshipped as gods.


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