Daily Feline Prompt: Incubating Feline


“Tabby what are you doing with that egg?”

“I am incubating it.”

“You are doing what? Felines do not incubate eggs.”

“There is always a first time for everything and my fur is nice and warm. I have spent time watching the birds and decided it would be a good idea to start my own bird production. It would revolutionize the world of feline food. No more vitamin pellets, but the real thing. Imagine if I hatch my own eggs. I would have a constant supply of birds for food an I am sure they are also full of vitamins.”

“No, Tabby, birds hatch their own children to prolong the species and not as food. The egg you want to hatch is a chicken egg and that would be too big for feline food.”

“But when they arrive from the egg they are so neat an fluffy, just the ideal size.”

“And you cannot hatch the eggs I buy in the store, it is not possible, the are not fertilized. You would have to get a fresh egg after the chicken has laid it.”

“No problem Mrs. Human. There is a chicken run just across the field. You  could fetch me an egg from there.”

“No way Tabby. I am not having baby chickens living here, just for you fresh food supplies.”

“But the other felines find it a good idea and I already have a list of their orders.”

“Tabby it is not such a good idea. And now go and eat your nice healthy vitamin pellets. You do not have to hatch them, they arrive ready to eat. Where are you going?”

“A sparrow is sitting on a branch, it looks quite tasty and it is ready to eat, no eggshells in the way.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Incubating Feline

12 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Incubating Feline

  1. I had several cats who caught birds and brought them into the house, where they would release them so they would fly around the house until we finally caught them and put them out. Bu the worst was when my little 3 years old son was pointing and saying “bird feet” and I thought he was saying bird seed, but it was two bird feet. The cats had eaten the rest of the birds.

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    • Fluffy was the expert. If it had wings then it was the trophy of the day. He would collect them. The other cats never managed to catch them but Fluffy was the expert, It became part of his diet, until his accident. I remember our cats eating mice. They always left the tail and the bit behind it, except for Fluffy. He would eat it all.


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