Daily Feline Prompt: Blushing Feline

Tabby and the sphinx

I must admit I almost blushed once whilst I was sitting in the garden. There was a new feline in town and he dared to walk into my territory. And then I saw that he was naked. Not a hair or fur piece on him anywhere: just pink.  I would have been ashamed to show myself like that, all the bare facts exposed. This feline walked on regardless. I was now left with a choice. Do I attack or ignore him? I decided to ignore him. I am sure he would have been embarrassed if I had taken action, exposing his bare facts. My mum always said that it was important to always be clean and never go anywhere without having a good lick first. This feline had nowhere to lick.

Daily Feline Prompt: Blushing Feline

12 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Blushing Feline

      • yes, those permanently attached coats are difficult that way. I’ve met some cats who get a summer haircut for the breeze. My cats have always thought that a very embarrassing prospect, and prefer to air their tummies in a shady breeze for the cooling effect.

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