Daily Feline Prompt: Faceless Feline


“Tabby could you turn around.”

“I am turning around.”

“I mean so that I can take a photo of your face.”

“What is wrong with my tail and back?”

“Nothing Tabby, but everyone would like to see your face.”

“No way Mrs.Human. I prefer to remain anonymous. I do not want everyone to recognise me when the see me. It could be very dangerous. I am so attractive that there is a danger I might be kidnapped and held to ransome.”

“I don’t think so Tabby, that only happens to special felines with rare qualities.”

“I am special Mrs. Human and am unique, with my Macdonalds “M” on my forehead. Just imagine if I went for a walk and never returned. You would have to alarm the police and send out a search party.”

“Sorry to disappoint Tabby, but that only happens to the rare breeds.”

“I am a rare breed. My mum only met my dad for five minutes and he made himself rare afterwards.”

“That is not what I mean, so turn around for a photo.”

“But you are getting an exclusive faceless photo. It will become famous and valuable amongst the art experts “The Faceless Feline” and you will be bombarded with enquiries as to who this special feline is.”

“You think so Tabby.”

“Of course Mrs. Human. I will even let you have a paw print on the original photo.”

“OK, Tabby, how could I refuse such an offer. Tabby the faceless feline.”

“That is the idea Mrs. Human: any profits made as contributions to my tuna fish fund.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Faceless Feline

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