Daily Feline Prompt: Toxic Feline


“Mrs. Human, close the curtains.”

“But it is the middle of the afternoon, daylight.”

“I don’t care, the sun is illuminating my presence on the chair, and bathing me in a toxic light effect.”

“Perhaps you could move to another place where the sun is not shining.”

“No way, I do not move, the sun should move.”

“It will move eventually Tabby, in the evening.”

“It should move now, it is my command.”

“No, Tabby, that will not work. The sun does what it does, and not according to your wish. You can go to another room on the other side of the ┬áhome.”

“That would mean moving my luxury body, and pawing my way. I am exhausted and do not have the energy. If you closed the curtains my problems would be solved.”

“But what about me, I like some daylight in our home.”

“We felines had left the trees already when you were still eating bananas, so it is actually my home, I just allow you to live here as my slave.”

“Oh thanks Tabby, I am so grateful.”

“And so you should be. Where are you going?”

“I was going to empty you recycling tray.”

“Ok, but before you go close the curtains.”

“Ok, just for a peaceful life.”

“What are you doing Mrs. Human.”

“Closing the curtains, at your command.”

“But there is really no need, it will be too dark.”

“I thought the sun was bothering you.”

“What sun, it has now gone away. You should really pay attention Mrs. Human.”

“Of course, silly me.”

“And don’t forget my litter box.”

“Of course not.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Toxic Feline