Daily Feline Prompt: Radiant Feline

Tabby in the bathroom

One of the photos of my younger days when I took over the bathroom. So let us not beat about the bush, in my usual modest way I wish to announce that today is my birthday. Yes it is now 16 years since I battled my way into the world and to the milk tap. Mum had four of us to look after, so it was always every kitten for him or herself. One day it was time to choose a new slave, someone that would be always there for me. My brothers and sisters disappeared one by one and there were only two of us left, Nera and myself.  Mrs. Human arrived and we immediately realized it was our last chance. There were rumors that she was one of the vitamin pellet feeders, but we were sure a can of tuna fish would be somewhere, and we were right.

On the way Nera lost all nine lives and is now spending her tenth in the eternal corn chambers, keeping the mice under control. I still have five lives and intend to hang around for a few more years. Of course I am being spoilt today, the tin opener is ready for tuna use and I noticed that there is rain water outside in my bowl, the one with the best flavours.

I will be celebrating all on my own, the best way to celebrate a feline party. It means I do not have to share anything and Mrs. Human will be spoiling me. I still have not received my Swarovski diamond studded cat flap or my Versace food bowl, but I noticed a twig of catnip next to my food, as a worthy desert.

And now I must go, I can hear the postman, he only rings twice, and has a cart full of parcels all for me, but none with a Versace gift parcel. I suppose I should be happy with what I have, although the other felines would be envious if they saw me eating out of such a bowl. Mrs. Human says that $750 is too expensive. Typical human, what is $750 compared with a contented feline.

Daily Feline Prompt: Radiant Feline