Daily Feline Prompt: Churn feline, Churn


Feline Nonsense poetry

I do not yearn to have a churn
It is raining cats and dogs outside and the cats have given up
I can see it all happening  through my cat flap, a dog just landed on the mat
And so I stay inside
I will wait until the storm subsides
No wish to take the churning rides
My whiskers will get wet, my fur will begin to smell
This churning weather is the feline hell
So now to relax and dream of sun
Cool days lying in the shade and having fun
Wake me up when the it is raining cows
I will then make many meows
The cats and dogs no longer fall, they will be so slack
And so they arrive safe on the ground, sitting on a cow’s back

“How was it Mrs. Human? It was meow poetry.”

“Not bad, Tabby, but why involve the cows?”

“Now that was obvious, it rhymes with meows.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Churn Feline, Churn

4 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Churn feline, Churn

      • When I look out I can see the garden but usually I see a ginger face staring back at me. Mom had to get a microchip cat flap to stop Graig the girls.her boy from next door coming in. Sometimes he still manages to break in and eats my food I get very upset and sometimes angry.Graig had a brother but he wandered up to the road where the noisy monsters are and one of them got him so I guess me and mom feel sorry for Graig.


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